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CB6500 WiFi Proximity Card Time Clock


        • If you are looking for proximity card time clock for employee attendance purposes, the uAttend CB6500 is the best choice. The time clock is combined with time cloud based attendance system (a web base based time sheet) which makes staff attendance tracking simple and smart. Wave your card or key-tag in front of the CB6500 and your time is immediately sent to your cloud time sheets. All data is stored live and readily available via web based time attendance reporting system. This is a 100% plug'n'play time clock, without any need of  networking or software installation knowledge.

        • Now with free in-built WiFi!
        • CB6500 now come with wi-fi connectivity. No networking cables needed. You can connect multiple clocks now with the same cloud-based web account.

        • You can access your time sheets from your mobile phone, laptop or computer connected with internet, from any part of the world. This feature not only allow you flexibility but also removes the hassles of installing and maintaining a software. device on the internet, no software to install or maintain.

        • Monthly fees as shown above include active employees and up to 2 active time clocks.

        • The time clock works best with your payroll system. You can export approved time sheets directly to your payroll software very easily. All major payroll software systems like MYOB, Quickbooks, Key Pay, Attache and Cloud Payroll are supported.


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